Home Glass kilns are incredibly expensive things to buy, but we have one that we are happy to hire out.

It is a KilnCare Hobbyfuser which has a kiln space of 40cm x 40cm.  If you were making small glass pendants, it would hold approximately 60 pieces, so it can work out quite economical to hire.

Bring along your glass, load up the kiln, we will set the program and you can collect your work a couple of days later.

The 10.00 per firing hire price pays for the electricity and the kiln paper to line the kiln to stop the glass sticking.

We can also hire our glass cutting area and glass cutting tools too, for 5.00 per hour.  There is no tuition or glass included in this price, you just get to use the space.

If you would like a kiln hire session, please email soozintheshed@gmail.com to arrange.

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