Home We are happy to help you plan your unique craft party.  Whether it be for an adult, young person (age 8 +), Hen Party or Baby Shower, we can provide something different and fun for up to 12 people.

We have a range of crafts we can offer for all ages, such as ceramic painting,  decoupage boxes, fabric painting, decorative items, simple sewing and more....  You can even choose a theme and will we try to work to it for you.

We charge for the chosen activity, plus an hourly rate to cover wages & overheads, so you don't need minimum numbers. 

Crafts can range from 30 minutes to two hours.... or all day if you like!

Our parties are very much tailored to what you want and you can set your budget accordingly, please see some sample quotes below.

If you wish, you can book the space for an extra half hour to enable you to have some party food too.  (bring your own and serve it when the crafting is done)  The charge for this extra time is just 7.00.  Then you can wipe your hands, brush off the crumbs and your party is done & dusted :)  Or if you would prefer a complete package, we can suggest Com-For-T outside caterers to make the party food for you.


Young Folk.

First and foremost though, we are a Craft Workshop, with crafty implements scattered around - so we can only accept party bookings for  young people if they are going to be well behaved and sit at the table to do their chosen crafts.  A responsible Adult (or two) must be present at all times.  We can cater for up to 12 youngsters over the age of 8 years old. You don't even need a party bag as each youngster will take home their craft make!


Email us to find out more, check your chosen dates and discuss your own unique party at soozintheshed@gmail.com

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